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Moving Tips

99% of people underestimate their amount of belongings

You can save time and money during your move if you estimate correctly how many items you actually have.

Maximize space inside boxes

By packing as much as possible inside boxes, you will make better use of the available space in the removals vehicle. The tighter you package items, the safer they travel.

Follow your building procedures

Always talk to your building manager about the procedures established for removals. This may include dedicated parking spots, booking a lift on specific hours and days.

Unassemble furniture prior to moving

Dismantling large pieces of furniture, such as IKEA, helps protect large furniture from damaging walls or floors, as well as the furniture itself.

Ensuring furniture fits through access areas

Look around your new place to ensure that the furniture fits in their designated area. Also make sure the furniture can get through doors, hallways, stairs or laundry rooms.

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